Season In The Rain

SEASONS IN THE RAIN: An Expatriate's Notes on British Columbia

(McClelland & Stewart, 1978; ISBN 0-7710-1847-9) (available)

Silver Donald Cameron was raised and educated in British Columbia, but left the province permanently in 1964. Seasons in the Rain is a collection of essays and profiles he wrote during the 1970s, when he returned to write a profile of union leader Homer Stevens and discovered that he had "an interesting view of the West Coast. I knew it deeply, but by now I saw it also from an outsider's perspective." His profile of Stevens - which is included here - was followed by a series of profiles of some notable British Columbians: actor Bruno Gerussi, cartoonist Len Norris, authors George Woodcock and Hubert Evans, cruising sailors Miles and Beryl Smeeton, ethnologist Ida Halpern, publisher David Hancock, philosopher Donald Brown. But he also wrote about the not-so-famous: school-bus driver Alvin Fisher, greengrocer Yat Hang Mew, Dutch resistance fighter Hendrik Dykstra; and the young Doukhobors that Cameron had taught in the late 1950s, when the children were interned ina camp by the BC government.

Seasons in the Rain is considered a BC classic, an unforgettable series of snapshots of a now-vanished era in "that enchanted land where the mountains of gold meet the sunshot sea."


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