Green Rights: The Human Right to a Healthy World


Our award-winning 67-minute film, GreenRights: The Human Right to a Healthy World has been called “the most ambitious and important environmental documentary that has yet been created or proposed.”  Released in September, 2016, the film has been shown in universities, at festivals and in communities across Canada and the United States. It can be shown in your community, too, and it's available on DVD or Blu-Ray as well. 

Green Rights is about  the human right to a healthy environment, and Mother Nature's right to be respected and protected. The film shows the powerful impact of these rights in Ecuador and Argentina, in the Philippines and the Netherlands – and also presents dramatic stories of the fight for environmental rights in the United States and Canada. It interviews the world's greatest experts, and reports on dramas in the courts and on the land, where devoted citizens and courageous lawyers take on national governments and global corporations – and win. And it asks, Why not in Canada? Why not in the US? 

Green Rights was produced and directed by master filmmaker Chris Beckett, and written and hosted by noted author Silver Donald Cameron. Cameron and Beckett also produce The Green Interview  (www.TheGreenInterview.com), a subscription website that now includes deep, searching interviews with more than 100 green warriors from all over the globe, including 26 interviews with leading figures from the film.

Price: $19.95