Faces of Leacock


(Ryerson Press, hardcover, 1967; no ISBN) (out of print)

Reprinted by The Stephen Leacock Museum National Historic Site, 2005; ISBN 0-55246-589-6)(in print)

Faces of Leacock was a pioneering work - the first full-length study of Stephen Leacock's writing. The book surveys the whole range of Leacock's literary work - not only the humour, but also the literary criticism, the essays and the travel writing. What emerges is a portrait of Leacock as a powerful writer who feared and fought his own talent, a scathing satirist who believed that humour should always be kindly, a shy and sensitive artist who hid behind his own humour. And yet, the author argues, in his finest work Leacock fuses his own contradictions into a unique - and deeply Canadian - vision of life and society, a vision suffused with humour. His best books "survive and grow like tough arctic plants, in a land where growth was never easy."

Paperback (reprint only) 

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