The Baitchopper


(James Lorimer, 1982; ISBN 088862-599-5 cloth; 088862-598-5 paper)(some cloth copies available)

The Baitchopper is a young adult novel set in fishing village during a bitter strike which, not coincidentally, much resembles the strike described in The Education of Everett Richardson. Andrew Gurney knows his father is involved in a fight for a fishermen's union, but such grown-up problems have little place in his 13-year-old world - until a street battle with kids from the other side makes him realize that his father's battle has also become his own. Andrew has no idea how dangerous the situation is - until someone deliberately cuts his father's boat adrift, and Andrew finds himself at sea in a snowstorm, struggling desperately to stay alive and to save the Dolly C, the boat his family depends on.

"Young readers will love the way the story builds to a gripping battle with the sea," wrote Christie Harris. "Genuine adventure from a good storyteller."

Hardcover (while quantities last)

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